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How to Install Gabion

* Gabion shall be assembled individually and placed on the surface to the lines, with the position of all creases and that the tops of all sides are level.

* All gabion shall be properly staggered horizontally and vertically according to the construction requirement.

* Finished gabion products shall have no gaps along the perimeter of the contact surfaces between adjoining units.

* All adjoining empty gabion units shall be connected along the perimeter of their contact surfaces in order to obtain a monolithic structure.

* All lacing wire terminals shall be securely fastened. All joining shall be made through selvedge-selvedge or selvedge-edge wire connection; mesh-mesh wire connection is prohibited except in the case where baskets are offset or stacked and selvedge-mesh or mesh-mesh wire connection would be necessary.

* As a minimum, a fastener shall be installed at each mesh opening at the location where mesh wire meets selvedge or edge wire.